How To Surprise Your Girl With Your Promising Ring?

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A promising ring is supposed to be a ring which one gives to his love to express that he will never leave her and he will be there for her always. However, it is not like a ring for engagement, rather it is a sign how much you love your beloved. It’s also a sign that you are committed with your girl.

Always remember that these rings are not an engagement rings or wedding rings, rather it is a simply promising accessories. So, avoid getting down on knee while giving this ring to your girl. This program should be done in a surprising way too.

Here are some tips for you how to make this occasion a beautiful surprise.

Pack it: Warping of this ring should be in perfect manner. Wrap it in a pretty gift box and give it to your girlfriend, so that your girlfriend is impressed while having the first look of this gift. You can get exquisitely beautiful promising rings in stores that sell ruby engagement rings.

Select the perfect occasion for giving this ring: you can give her this ring either in her birthday or valentines’ day or Christmas. Believe me it will be a great and memorable day to her. Promise rings are used as a pretty little anniversary gift also.

Fix your date in a romantic place: Go to a place which will be quite romantic for this occasion, such as the place where you came closer for the first time or a restaurant where you have first met, or a park where you have dated her first, etc. The place where you and your lover have a memorable moment once will be the perfect one for giving this gift. You should make her wear the ring in her finger while you are giving the gift.

Give her surprise: If you are married, then you can present it as surprise. You can give this ring to your wife while she is working in kitchen; place the gift box on the serving table or you may keep the ring in her purse while she is not noticing you. If you are able to make a huge surprise for your girl, then let her play a treasure hunt with giving her hints. In first note you call her in certain place and in second note give her a hint about the place where you have kept the ring, and then in a final note, you can lead her to the ring.