Types Of Data Storage Solutions

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Every computer needs a data storage solution. There are many kinds of data storage solutions and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. A data storage solution is important because that is the only method we can store and save files for a considerable period of time. These files can be anything from important documents to videos and software. When storage solutions were first introduced they used to be large and offered only a little capacity or space. The other problem was that they were extremely slow and it took ages for content to be copied or transferred, further opening applications took a long time as well. Here is a list of data storage solutions used today.

Hard disk drives

Hard disk drives (HDD) are easily the most common method of storage. It offers high capacities at low prices for security incident and event management software. As stated above initially HDD’s were very slow but over time their speeds have increased considerably. Even though they are much faster than before they still are slow compared to other forms of storage solutions therefore HDD’s are best for people who are looking for high capacity storage on the cheap.

Solid state drives

Solid state drives (SSD) are becoming more and more popular and may soon take over from the HDD’s. SSD’s are known for their speed. SSD’s may be fast but may cost much more than a HDD. Further there are different types and sizes of SSD and they may all differ in speed and price. Another advantage SSD’s have over HDD’s are that they are portable and as they come in different sizes. SSD’s are best for people who need limited storage and high transfer speeds. Transfer speed includes fast boot times, application opening times and overall speed of the computer. If cost is not a problem you can purchase high capacity SSD’s and therefore having the best of both worlds.

Cloud storage

This is another method of storing that is already widely popular. Through this method all your data is stored in the virtual cloud. There are many network based intrusion prevention system http://www.gasystems.com.au/security/it-intrusion-detection-systems/ and prices vary but they are quite cheap when compared to per GB storage. Unlike other storage methods speeds depend on the speed of the internet connection. An important advantage that this storage has over other forms of storage is that it is safe from theft, data corruption or data loss. Cloud storage is the storage solution that is not physical and can be accessed through the internet. Therefore cloud storage is best for people who have fast internet speeds and high bandwidth as well as people who may need to access to data from multiple devices and different locations.

There are many hybrid solutions now where all forms of data storage solutions are used. It is either a mix of the above two or even all three. Cloud storage is very useful for businesses to protect their documents and in most managed IT services, cloud storage is usually a given. There are other storage solutions such as flash storage and CD/DVD/Blu-ray. These storage solutions are have specific uses or are have very limited uses therefore not used as mainstream storage solutions to store all kinds of data.